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A health screening involves the following:

•BMI determination, weight, height & BP measurements.

•Kidney function check

•Heart health check

•Blood screening to assess levels of cholesterol, glucose, iron etc. as well as liver function

•Full physical examination (including prostate exam)

•Bowel Cancer Check

•Cancer risk awareness and advice – e.g. prostate and testicular cancers

•General advice on health and lifestyle (smoking, diet, exercise etc.)

•There is also an option to have a full sexual health screen


This Check involves a thirty minute appointment with the nurse, followed by a twenty minute appointment with a doctor. Results can even be obtained by phone when they are available!


For any further information feel free to contact us by email or by phone and for pricing please see here

Well Man Check


A health screening is aimed at early identification of medical conditions which could cause ill health. Such examples could include – heart disease, diabetes or even cancers.


In preparation for your Well Man appointment you should aim to omit alcohol from your diet for two days prior to tests as well as fasting for the 12 hours before the appointment (sips of water are allowed but no tea/coffee/food). If a urine sample can be supplied then please feel free but also know that urine sample pots are available at the appointment

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