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Congratulations you're pregnant!


You now need to make an antenatal appointment with us to confirm your test result and start your care. You can only avail of this service if you have been a resident of Ireland for 12 months


As pregnancy is one of the most important journeys a person can embark upon, it is extremely important to ensure that  both mother and baby are in good health.  


We at the practice would love to keep you and baby healthy and happy.

Antenatal Care

Mother and baby lying on bed

The following is an list of visits covered by the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme:


Week 4 to 8                 Initial visit with one of our doctors.

Week 16 to 20            Hospital Visit (to include ultrasound and blood tests).

Week 24                      here at the surgery, with the Practice Nurse.

Week 30                      here at the surgery, with the Practice Nurse

Week 32                      Hospital of your choice

Week 34                      here at the surgery,with the Practice Nurse

Week 36                      Hospital of your choice

Week 37                      here at the surgery, with the Practice Nurse

Week 38                      Hospital of your choice

Week 39                      here at the surgery, with one of our doctors

Week 40                      Hospital of your choice


As well as seeing you during your pregnancy, all babies should be seen by one of our doctors at 2 weeks and again at 6 weeks of age, along with Mammy.

Your first visit involves a consultation with one of our GPs.  


During this consultation our doctor will ask you for a urine sample,  for the date of the first day of your last period to estimate a date of birth for your baby. They will check your weight and blood pressure and will then talk through any worries or questions you may have.


Here you can also sign up for the Combined Antenatal Care Scheme. This covers the cost of your antenatal visits with us during your pregnancy.


Feel free to write down and bring along any questions you may have.

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